Why is Monteria Resort a perfect destination for a memorable weekend with your friends?

Why is Monteria Resort a perfect destination for a memorable weekend with your friends?

Location in the midst of picturesque scenic beauty unmatched by the hustle and bustle of the city of Mumbai, Monteria is a resort that caters to the getaway needs of one and all- from little kindergartners to corporate groups to families that desire some quality with their loved ones.

The ideal location to unwind and de-stress, Monteria offers a range of stay options that are luxurious while also being pocket-friendly- we have something for everybody. Whether it is a post-exam mini vacation that you’re planning with your buddies or a birthday party on a budget, we have the perfect place to accommodate you and your mates, as well as your wallets!

Is there any greater pleasure than devouring a range of lip-smacking delicacies with your best friends with not a care in the world? Monteria presents to you along with comfortable stays, a fully-loaded menu that includes a range of multi-cuisine dishes. Need any more reason to get your buddies here?

If good food isn’t on the top of your checklist for the ideal getaway destination, we also host a variety of adventure sports that you can indulge in. Compete with your friends in exciting activities that range from archery to zip-lining to rifle shooting and more, and get your adrenaline pumping through the roof- let your vacation be remembered as an irreplaceable one.

As if this wasn’t enough, Monteria is also host to a front lawn that is perfect for whipping out some footballs and some cricket bats for a walk down the memory lane to all those childhood years of gully cricket and rink football you enjoyed with your friends- but this time, amidst the spectacular panoramic beauty of nature that surrounds you at Monteria.

To top it all off, Monteria is home to a world-class swimming pool that is perfect for turning your rendezvous into a lavish pool party. Whether it is a midnight swim you wish or a midday dip in the pool to beat the sweltering heat, fulfil all your cravings at Monteria’s luxurious swimming pool facility.

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