B’coz We’re Happy – Nikhil’s story


Do you have to fight your way to the bathroom every morning when your dad, brother want to go at the same time as you do? Do you wonder why your favorite lipstick magically disappears from your closet only to reappear in your sister’s purse? Or your money disappears from the wallet? This is the daily and funny routine.
Does family only mean being organised and disciplined? From family trips and drama-filled parties to celebrating each other’s accomplishments and bonding over an ice cream, all of it are always entertaining. But if you are crazy fun, then that’s because you have inherited from your Family. Have you ever wondered? Yes, that’s precisely what Nikhil did. Little did he know, Nikhil’s family were up for all the shenanigans and realized what an enjoyable family bonding they had at Monteria Resort. And his family’s prowess in dancing and other activities proved to be the best friends you could ever have. And what best to capture all of the unforgettable moments to Pharrell William’s groovy tune.
The ladies had their fair share of funny moments and crazy adventures and the gentlemen of the family were boys once again. Who knew the ladies in his family had the best pout.

They don’t care what people think,
They are jumbled, sound crazy and are crazy fun,
The feels are random and happiness is limitless.

The multigenerational family looked alike only cause they are a Happy Family. Wait a minute! Did we just say Family at Monteria Resort?!?! We would like to give cheers to their friendship. Check out the video and find out for yourself.