Epic excuses to turn your short weekend into long weekends

  • My pet has constipation – Now your boss wouldn’t really want to go into the depth of your pets poop. I’m sure he wouldn’t, quite literally.


    • Emergency with the kids – Had to take my daughter to Essel World to stop her nervous breakdown. It’s a serious medical condition.
    • My neighbour’s house got robbed – Now I’m scared mine would get robbed too have to stay home for a couple of days.
    • Family events – your husband’s, brother’s, wife’s sister has just graduated and you will have to attend the graduation ceremony. You know because family is important.


    • Shoe trouble – my heel broke while walking on my way to office, and I had to go back home. Then I realized I couldn’t come in so late so I decided to stay home and work.


    • Tree fell – no not from the heavens. A tree fell off on the road and there was a major traffic block. And so I can’t travel now. Okay? Okay.


    • Trains – my trains tier got punctured. It’s fatal now to travel with a broken tier now. I really can’t make it to work today.


  • Diarrhea – Ummm, boss, ummmmm. I’m having stomach trouble. Like a lot of poop and a lot of water all at the same time. I wouldn’t be coming in for work for hygiene reasons of course.
  • Phone then? Gone now! – tell your boss you’ve lost your phone and you possibly can’t come to work. Why? Well because you are addicted to it and if you turn up for work you probably will have a break down and you don’t want to create a scene at work.