Why navratri is the best time to bond with your family

Scene 1 :
“payal hai chankai playing in the background”
On big windy ground you are with your family, emerging from the corner, your parents very shyly, coming into the center, enjoying the music and slow dancing to the song.
You are standing there, bewildered, at how perfectly your parents are moving together. Oh and the romance, you didn’t know they had it in them anymore.
You are standing mesmerized watching them and your little sibling comes in giggling to you, you both look at each other and smile and get back to looking at your beautiful parents.
Scene 2 :
You : stop don’t run, you’ll fall and bruise your knees.
Little sibling : na na, catch me if you can. *runs away really fast and bangs into some stranger and falls and scratches the elbow*
You:* running towards the younger sibling* I told you not to run look what you’ve done. I can’t see even see mom anywhere, wait right here let me get some clean water.
Mom: seeing all this from a distance is smiling. *father walks in*
Father: we’ve bought them up well.
Mom: indeed.
You: now what will I tell mom that I can’t even take care of you. Why don’t you listen to me? Is it paining a lot?
Little sibling: *crying* yeah….I’m sorry.
You: *kisses little one on the cheek* it’s okay, come I’ll buy you ice cream, stop crying.
Parents : proudly leave them alone , they know they have each other.
Didn’t know it could be so cute and fun being around your family,no?
But it is. They are our first friends and they are also the people who stick to us the longest no matter what, why not spend this navratri with your family and know little things about them that you didn’t even think they had in them. You might surprise yourself and may be fall in love with your family all over again.