Why the H.R is the most hated person

Also, why it should be the total opposite.
A little in look at what roles and tasks a HR manages.
Be more thankful to your HR.

My story ( a poem by an HR)
You hate me, yes, I know.
You think I’m the bosses pet.
But one thing I’m sure, I’ll bet,
You don’t know what I do for you.
That little picnic you posted pictures of on Facebook,
I organized that, I know you have no clue.
You think I’m the office snitch,
But all I do is make amends for you,
Grow, determine, enrich.
I’m like the bridge , the one you want to burn,
But I make all your deals cross over .
All I ask is a little gratitude in return.
I’m always at gunpoint from both ends,
But do you realize I’m only doing my job.
Your long weekend, your doctors appointment,
Your stomach ache, your backbend.
I’ve helped you sanction all these leaves,
Your promotion, your salary hike,
Your increase in break time, your office grieves.
I’ve spoken to the boss over all of it.
No I’m not asking for a medal or honour,
Just a little bit of respect and love,
I’m not the villain you think I am.