Being Friends at Work Matters!

Think about the most successful organisations and start-ups. What do they have in common? Well, a high level of employee engagement is one major and common factor.

We have often heard ‘blood is thicker than water’. What we usually mean or understand is that ’family’ comes first. But does it have a broader definition?

The relationships we have at work are equally important because we spend majority of our time with our colleagues. They are the people you see first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go home. But generally, we don’t invest any emotion into them that we do with our loved ones we do at home. Perhaps we should.

Can you imagine treating your co-workers as ‘Friends’? You spend most of your waking hours at work with your colleagues. Meeting new people, and celebrating each other creates such a warm feeling. Whether it be a birthday, an accomplishment, a baby or a promotion. The people we work with normally do their best to make us feel appreciated.

The little chit- chats, hangouts, jokes and fun with your colleagues is the good old fashion of creating a friendship. Fostering a culture of camaraderie creates a clear vision for the leaders of the organisation as a competitive advantage for retaining employees, improving engagement, creativity, and productivity.rocketsingh

Discussing personalities of sibling colleagues, the ups and down of profession, the daily intrigue of office life – the drama, the dullness, the cups of tea, the secrets, the gossips, the tiffins & lunches and the tea time biscuits; your co-workers just don’t remain colleagues but part of your personality in your daily life: competitive, smart, savvy, stubborn, optimisticwallstreet

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