Cheat Calendar – Make your long Weekends Happen


June 15th-17th ( 15th : Eid-Ul-Fitr, 16th : Saturday, 17th : Sunday)


August 15th-19th (15th : Independence Day, 16th : Take a leave, 17th : Parsi New Year, 18th : Saturday, 19th : Sunday)
August 22nd-26th (22nd : Eid ul-Adha, 23rd : Take a leave, 24th : Onam, 25th : Saturday, 26th : Sunday)


September 1st-3rd (1st : Saturday, 2nd : Sunday, 3rd : Janamashtami)
September 13th-16th (13th : Ganesh Chaturthi, 14th : Take a leave, 15th : Saturday, 16th : Sunday)


September 29th-30th & October 1st-2nd ( 29th : Saturday, 30th : Sunday, 1st : Take a leave, 2nd : Gandhi Jayanti)
October 18th-21st (18th : Ram Navmi, 19th : Dusshera, 20th : Saturday, 21st : Sunday)


November 3rd-11th (3rd : Saturday, 4th : Sunday, 5th : Dhanteras, 6th : Take a leave, 7th : Diwali, 8th : Govardhan Puja, 9th : Bhai-Duj, 10th : Saturday, 11th : Sunday)


December 22nd-25th (22nd : Saturday, 23rd : Sunday, 24th : Take a leave, 25th : Christmas)

Want to skip office over the weekend and need an extra day off? But don’t know what to tell your boss? Well read on we have some brilliant excuses lined up for you for when you run out of excuses.
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Epic excuses to turn your short weekend into long weekends
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