Best Friends You Can’t Live Without – F.A.M.I.L.Y

What does your family mean to you? Just people who have seen you grow up? Or something more than just that?
Well, our families are the first friends we ever make. We know them the longest. We live with them the longest. Now this sounds pretty fascinating no?
What’s even more fascinating is that our families are our best friends. Even when we don’t realise it. Don’t believe us? How will you explain this?


They know when we feel low, they know when we are thinking, and they know when we need help, without ever mentioning it. Now you believe it.

How we see it, families are like a pot of gold. With the warmth of a mother, the intelligence of a father, the courage of a brother, and the mischief of the little sister. All this put together is a pure pot of gold. Gold we need to treasure for life. Why would you need new friends, when you have the best summer memories of passing through the fields on your father’s shoulders? How can you forget your favourite person’s favourite masala chai, no one makes it better then mom?  Oh, and remember the sand castles your built with your brother over your vacation when you were younger? Simple times, but beautiful memories, don’t you think?


Those innocent days when all you could do was wait for daddy to go out for ice cream with him, these were your hang out plans, and now all we think of is our “friends”.  Waiting outside your sibling’s tuition classes so that you guys could walk back home together and ask each other to do your homework, now you do that, with people you call your best friend.

In the process of growing up we lose connection with our childhood best friends, rekindle the affection and love among the family, build the connection again and see the joy it brings in your life.

Reasons to choose our (family)Best friends with  ‘Age No Bar’.

  1. They are your best box of secrets – never will your family leak out any information or little secrets you tell them. NEVER. So why not confide in them and feel all safe?image005
  2. They believe in you – even when you are losing at life, they always have your back, they believe in all your vague and weird ideas as brilliant ideas. Well, all mothers think their children are Einstines, haha.image007
  3. Being real –  it’s so much easier to roam around home without being judged about anything what so ever. You are yourself when you are around your family.image009
  4. Being real –  it’s so much easier to roam around home without being judged about anything what so ever. You are yourself when you are around your family.image011
  5. Support system – when times are hard and you need a place to fall back, you know where to go, even when you haven’t been on good terms your family always welcomes you back with a big smile and a warm hug.image013
  6. When I was your age – who will tell you old stories about the times you didn’t live in? All those awe-inspiring stories and crazy things your parents did when they were your age.image016
  7. Everyone needs a batman – and by batman here I mean your elder sibling and not a hot rich guy in a cape and mask, that said, when you mess around with people and need someone to come pick you up or come punch someone in the face you need your elder sibling (could also be vice versa sometimes. Younger ones tend to be better at punching).image017
  8. It’s the little things – remember helping your sibling when they got stuck doing their homework, or giving them their towel in the shower because they always forget? It’s these little things that make our family so important and make us feel loved and wanted at all stages of our life.image019