1.Excitement – You know how exciting it is to see your friends? Well now you can see them everyday. YAAAAAAAY!
2.All fun and no boredom – how can any work day be dull when you have your friends around? Work is going to be all fun and you’ll never ever frown at the idea of going to work again.
3.Communication – It’s easier to communicate and put across your thoughts when you are friends with someone.
4.Office gossip – WHO? With WHO will your share all the explicit news or check out the new LV bag that little intern bought? Well you need a really need a close confidant for information so trivial like this. SSHHSSS.
5.Emotional support – you are low about something in your life and upon all the agony and pain that you feel mentally , you will have to go to office and perform. *sighs* oh but wait aren’t all your office colleagues your friends? Now what are friends for? They help you on bad days and they also cover up for you as and when required. *and peace was restored in life again*
6.Vacations/picnics – well let’s be honest, you’d rather spend that weekend as far, far away from office, but your boss has planned a “fun working weekend” for the whole office. Sounds terrible I know, but what if all your office mates were all your friends? Sounds like a plan now!
7.Food – Should’ve probably been at no. 1 this point, but then its okay. FOOD. Remember sharing Tiffin’s in school? Eating all kinds of different delicious food your friends used to bring. Well its pretty much the same, except for the fact that may be now you cook it instead of your mother. That said, food is the best thing to bond over.