10 School-time Memories 90’s Kids Will Definitely Relate To

10 School-time Memories 90’s Kids Will Definitely Relate To

No matter how khadus your teachers were back then, school is the one place for which you will always have the fondest memories in your heart. It’s not just the place you are moulded into the person you are today, it is also where you made your first and closest friends, your happiest and bitterest memories.

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane and reminisce about some moments we all undoubtedly lived through in those golden days.

Covering our books in brown cover and labelling them

This activity marked the beginning of the school year when we’d be in total anticipation of whether we’d have many friends in the same class as ours, if we’d get assigned a nice class teacher, who would be made to sit next to us, and so on. And let’s not forget the excitement of choosing our favourite book labels in the stationery shop with our parents and always, always wanting a little extra.

Celebrating birthdays with the entire class

Birthdays back then were a much simpler time. You’d wear a fancy dress to school and carry a big bag of your favourite chocolates to be distributed among the entire class (with a few extra ones for your besties) after which came the most decisive moment of our childhood- choosing a friend to accompany you as you roam the school and hand out toffees to the teachers. That was indeed the childhood equivalent of bunking lectures.

Getting remarks in the school diary (and then hiding it from our parents)

One of the most horrifying memories we have from school is getting a bad remark in our diary and asking to get it signed from our parents. Not only was it traumatizing from the teachers’ end, it came with the added task of telling our parents about it and going through the same (or worse!) trauma all over again!

Counting the number of people before you to know which paragraph of the text you’ll be reading

Literally all of us have had lazy teachers who would make the class read and save themselves from that effort. Depending on the kind of student you were back then (read: first-bencher or back-bencher), you’ve at least once in your school life counted the number of people before you to know how long or short a paragraph will be assigned to you (along with the disappointment when it doesn’t come true).

Participating in the annual function

The easiest and the most fun (plus legal) way to bunk lectures back in school was to be a part of the annual day celebrations. And if you were anything like me, it didn’t matter if you were good at singing or dancing, as long as some teacher signed you up for her team and paved the way for you to miss classes at leisure

Spending half the P.T period making fun of the teacher

It seems to be a pre-requisite for P.T teachers to not be able to speak more than 2 decent sentences in English. Because how else is it that almost every student in India has spent half their school lives making fun of them instead of actually listening to their instructions?

That surreal moment of being seated next to your crush

Most of our schools weren’t cool enough to let us sit next to our friends, let alone our school crush. So when the seating was shuffled and our class teacher performed the ultimate miracle of seating us next to our crush, that was pretty much equivalent to winning the love-life lottery.

Pen fights!

A pen fight is probably the most intense sport that school students indulge in- if one were to host a pen fight Olympics, it would have more winners than any other competition in history. And yes, it was also the one time you lost most of your pens, but kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai, na?

Communal lunch-time

The best part of the day and the time we miss the most till date- sharing our tiffins with the gang and enjoying a whole buffet instead of just our own, fighting over who stole the bigger share and who didn’t get any, bringing extra food just for your best friend- those are the memories we cherish, and miss, the most today.

The much-awaited school picnic

That one day of the school year that puts all the 364 others to shame- the day of the annual school picnic. A trip to an amusement park or a water resort or if you’re lucky, an outstation trip for overnight stays- these were the days that made all the others bearable. A day with zero parent and minimal teacher supervision outside the premises of home and school- what more could a school student ask for?
Relive your good old school days one more time- gather your buddies and plan a little trip to Monteria just like those picnics you loved so much!

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